Personal GPS tracker for Alzheimer's – The CareClip

If you can relate to having a loved one that likes to wander, you will understand the feeling of sheer panic, and worry when not answering the phone after countless calls or once you realise they are not at home. Are they ok? Have they had a fall? Have they wandered into the road? In moments of panic, some call the police to assist with the search.

Well, what if we told you with a personal GPS tracker for Alzheimer’s, Dementia and the elderly you can have some much-needed peace of mind. The CareClip is an easy to use device that can be worn comfortably and discreetly, with some great features to benefit both the user and their family and friends.  

Instant location tracking

The CareClip’s personal GP tracker means you can check if your loved one has gone to the shops for the morning paper, have been to their monthly hairdresser’s appointment or are at their doctor’s appointment, by simply opening the app. Also helping with the memory loss and confusion that comes with Alzheimer’s disease, being able to see and confirm their movements outside the home.  

Fall detection

The CareClip is equipped with a fall sensor to detect when the user has had a fall and notifies the system. This will then notify the portal users in order to contact the individual and decide if a visit or further help is needed.

The emergency button

The user can call for help by pressing the emergency button on the clip. Bringing comfort and added safety to the user in the knowledge they can access help should they need it when out of the house and in times of confusion and panic.

Other features: 

Clear two-way communication

You are able to speak to your loved one at any time via the CareClip without the need for a phone. The clear speaker means you can check in with them at any time and also speak to them if they have had a fall or pressed the emergency button.  

Access on the go

You can access the portal on the computer or on the move via the smartphone app. Simply login to view a whole host of information. Multiple people can log in to the portal and you can also add multiple CareClip if caring for more than one person.


All of these features are designed to help your loved one to live independently for longer, allowing them to continue living an active a healthy lifestyle safely. Also reducing worry and stress of day to day care for friends and family.  

CareClip showcases the latest technology in personal GPS trackers for Alzheimer's from Tunstall Healthcare. For added peace of mind buy online from IndeMe.