Everything you need to know about key safes

Everything you need to know about key safes Thumbnail

Do you leave a spare key buried in your front garden, under a plant pot, the door mat or even a fake rock? If you are looking at potentially signing up for our lifeline alarm service, you may have shopped around quite a bit and noticed the phrase ‘key safe’ on a few sites. But what is a key safe, do you need one to purchase a personal alarm service, and if you did want to buy one – where do you look?

A key safe is a great way of adding an extra step of security to your home, allowing an informal carer, family member or friend to get access to your house through giving them a code. This doesn’t just work well for emergency situations, but also feeding pets or house sitting if you are away, watering the plants or as an extra measure if you are prone to losing your keys!

What is a Key Safe?

It’s a secure metal box that can be attached to an exterior wall to your house, on the front of that metal box is a panel or keypad which is used for entering a short code – that code can be changed at any point if you worry that someone might have learnt your password. It means that if someone does need access to your home in an emergency, they don’t need to force their way in and damage your house, they can just use the key safe. The time saved in not having to force their way into your house could make a huge difference during an emergency.

The code to your key safe can also be given to the emergency services if anything were to happen and you needed their assistance. They are weather resistant, and don’t need to be located right next to your front door – you can put them anywhere accessible and discreet that you, your family or the emergency services should be able to find.

Do I need a key safe for IndeMe Services?

In short, no. If you have family or friends nearby that already hold a key for your house, then you can give us their details as your keyholders and we will make sure to contact them if you need assistance. However, if friends or family are further afield, travelling or work further away, it might be a good option for you.

Where can I buy a Key Safe from?

You can find key safes online from several reputable websites starting from around £20. You can get a ‘police approved’ key safe, but these tend to be around £40 more expensive than others on the market. The main features to check for are that it is easy to use and secure.   The key safe needs to be fitted securely, however most reputable companies that sell them offer an installation service undertaken by DBS checked staff.

If you would like more information on the IndeMe Careline service please contact us on 0330 123 3303 or email customerservice@indeme.co.uk