How a community alarm works

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What makes it a community alarm?

When your personal alarm system is set up, you will need to give details of two key holders who can be contacted in case of an emergency. This would usually be a neighbour, friend or family member.

This will mean you are quickly and easily connected to someone close by at the push of a button if you have an accident or emergency in your home.

How a community alarm works

Should you need assistance, you would simply press your personal alarm pendant, which will either be worn around your neck or on your wrist.

Pressing the alarm button will put you through to our Tunstall response 24-hour monitoring service, which will be answered by one of the friendly team who will have all of the information they need to provide you with assistance. They will communicate with you via a loud speaker.

If you don’t answer the call and tell us how we can assist you, we will contact your listed key holders or the emergency services.

Nobody close by?

Not to worry if you don’t have anyone close by who is a key holder for your property.We can give the emergency services access by use of a key safe. Once a keysafe is installed you should provide us with the unique code, which we will keep safe and only give to the emergency services if necessary. Read more on our blog - Everything you need to know about key safes.

Purchase a community alarm online

Anybody can use our service. You can purchase a lifeline alarm system online today, they are simple and easy to set up and we will guide you all of the way!

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