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Want to live independently in your own home but with help if needed? Read about our personal alarm services.

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IndeMe provides a simple alarm monitoring service for use in the home and garden, anywhere in the UK. The service gives both you and your family and friends the reassurance and peace of mind that you can get the right type of help when you need it. All you need is a telephone line!


Who Can Benefit From This Type of Service?


We have found the personal alarm service is particularly useful to people who:
are living alone
are older
currently care for someone
are unwell
are less mobile and might be at risk of falling
have just come out of hospital
don't have regular visitors
are worried about intruders or crime.

How the Personal Safety Alarm Service Works

The system is made up of a hub control box and an alarm pendant, which should be worn at all times, either on your wrist or around your neck.

If you are in need of assistance simply press the pendant alarm button and one of our team will answer the call. They will then talk to you with clear audio through the IndeMe hub to determine what type of help you need. Whether it be a call to a family member, neighbour or the emergency services.

Don't worry about accidentally pressing the alarm, we are always happy to hear from you and check the system is still working.

There’s no need to worry about remembering phone numbers, someone not being at home to receive the call or disturbing anybody during the night. The IndeMe alarm pendant can be used from anywhere in the home or garden, all of your contact details are set up on installation and if the operator does not get a response when they talk via the clear loudspeaker on the home unit, they will send help.

Our users said the service gave them more confidence, peace of mind, and has helped them feel safer. Read real life case studies from some of our customers.

The Hub - Standard Service

The Hub - Standard Service

The IndeMe Hub uses simple connected care technology to make the freedom of independent living possible. We provide solutions to support:

Learning Disabilities
One Off Payment
£42.00Inc. VAT
Monthly Price
£16.80Inc. VAT

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Call charges to our Response centre will cost 7ppm plus your phone company access charge.


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