10 Reasons you should wear your personal alarm pendant at all times

10 Reasons you should wear your personal alarm pendant at all times Thumbnail

To ensure your own safety and utilise the IndeMe monitoring service it is essential you wear your alarm pendant at all times. The IndeMe personal alarm pendant is designed to be discreet and unseen until required. Multiple wearing options give you the choice to wear the pendant around your neck or around your wrist for your comfort. Here are ten situations you could find yourself in, when wearing your pendant is essential:  

1.     You have a fall and are unable to move

In the unfortunate situation of injuring yourself, it will be painful to move and if doing so you could cause yourself more harm. If you are wearing your pendant you will not have to move at all, you are able to press your alarm button for help.

2.     You slip in the bath or shower

Baths and showers can sometimes be very slippery, which makes them prime places for people to slip and fall, especially when getting in and out. The MyAmie pendant is waterproof, meaning you can wear it in the shower or have it close to you in the bath. It cannot be submerged under water, so please do not have it in the bath with you, but place on the side, so you can reach if something should happen.

3.     No telephone to call for help

If you have an accident in a room where there is no telephone and you are not wearing your alarm it may be difficult to get someone’s attention for help. Wearing your personal alarm at all times will prepare you for this situation, as accidents are often not predictable.    

4.     An accident outside

The Lifeline alarm pendant has a range of 50 meters from your Lifeline unit, so even if you are outside gardening or out at the front of your house and wearing your pendant, if you fall or require assistance you are still supported by the service.

5.     Your family and friends do not live nearby

If you are in the position where you do not have family or friends close by, or they may even live in another country, this means they cannot easily come to your rescue should you need it. The service is there 24 hours a day to send help from the most suitable people, should it be a neighbour, doctor or the emergency services.

6.     You live alone and do not know when your next visitor may come

If you live alone and do not have regular visitors you may find yourself in the unfortunate position of having an accident or falling unwell and not being found for a matter of hours or even days. Wearing your pendant at all times will ensure help is available 24 hours a day.  

7.     An unwelcome guest

If you are worried about safety and security in your home, if you are wearing your pendant and feel threatened for any reason, press your button and we will be able to listen to your concerns and help with the right course of action.    

8.     Ready to call 999?

If you become unwell and are not sure of the type of help you need, our friendly Tunstall response team can help you determine who to call, it maybe you think you need a GP but actually you need to go to hospital or vice versa.

9.     A friendly voice to reassure you in times of panic

If you find yourself in a fluster or a panic and need some help, wearing your personal alarm pendant will mean you can press your button and our friendly team will be able to talk you through your situation, minimising stress and calming your situation quickly and efficiently.

10. Worried about accidently pushing the button?

If you are not wearing your pendant due to being worried you may accidently push the button, don’t be! We are always happy to hear from you and check that the system is in full working order.

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