Meet Mel, our customer service advisor for IndeMe

Can you explain what the IndeMe service is?

The service includes an easy to use piece of equipment that can support you to live an independent, everyday life. It enables you or your family member to stay at home, and provides family and friends peace of mind that help is at hand if it’s needed. You don’t need to remember telephone numbers in an emergency, it’s quick to act without needing to find your phone or think about who to call.

It’s what you make of it – you may have heard about the service through word of mouth because your friends have used it, or you may have been told about it by your GP or local authority. Everyone’s needs are different and we understand that there is a person behind the service with different needs and wants. For example, a son might want to buy the equipment for his mum so that he can go to work knowing that he will be called if there is a need, enabling him to work with peace of mind.

Most common question from over the phone?

How much is it! Most people at the moment are calling up to enquire about the service, find out how much it is and how it works. It is an affordable piece of equipment – it costs less than your average mobile phone! If you use it once then it’s paid for itself. Our standard service costs £14.99 a month with a one off payment of £42 which includes the administration and programming fee. If you have a long-term condition, you may not have to pay VAT, making it £12.49 per month, with a £35 activation cost. If you are VAT exempt we can handle that over the phone or online for you, no paperwork!

Favourite part of the job?

Dealing with the customers, providing a bespoke service to each and every individual that calls through. I love talking to people and knowing that I am helping set up a service that supports their individual needs and makes a real difference.

Why do you like working for IndeMe?

I really believe in the product; I would definitely use it at home with my family. I love working directly with the customers and their families so I know who the service is helping and I am involved end to end to make sure that the service is set up and working for them.

What are you looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to expanding on the services that we currently have. There is a world of technology out there and we are building up new service portfolios that help our customers with specific problems like falls and dementia. Soon, you will be able to buy these additional add-ons to your standard service which acts as a hub for any other compatible equipment that will come down the line.