Monitoring devices for the elderly – Philip’s families experience

Monitoring devices for the elderly – Philip’s families experience Thumbnail

We were taking it in turns to take dad to the shop, doctors appointments and to simply pop in and check he had got up and had a wash, not because he needed it but mainly for our own peace of mind. Now we can rest knowing the system will notify us of any problems. 

Why did you choose the CareClip?

As dad doesn’t qualify for care we decided we would look into a support system to take some worry off of my brother and I. But it wasn’t until a neighbour contacted us to say dad had ended up walking into their house by accident, we actually did something about it.
After reading about monitoring devices for the elderly on the internet we came across the Tunstall CareClip, which did so much more than just track a person’s location and sounded like everything we needed, to make all of our lives a little easier. 
After a quick explanation dad was happy to have the CareClip if it meant he would ‘get some peace and quiet’.

How does the CareClip help Philip to live independently?

Having lived on his own for a number of years means he is a very independent man and likes his space! So it relieves some stress from dad with fewer visitors to the house and fewer phone calls checking up on him. We all know that if there is a problem he will press the alarm button or we will be notified of a fall by the system, it works well for all of us.
Dad usually puts the clip in his trouser pocket which isn’t ideal when using the intercom system but it’s the only way he remembers to have it on him!

How does it help you?

We use the self-monitored service and my brother and I both like the fact we can login to see what dad has been up to without having to bother him with a call.
It took us all a few weeks to get used to and dad to build trust in the system but now we rely on it to notify us of any emergencies and dad knows (after a lot of initial testing) we are just a button press away if anything happens. 
We find the boundary feature is the most useful, we know the areas in which dad usually visits in his weekly routine and know something’s up when we get a boundary alert and can check in.


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